QMNC Research Alliance Has Gotten a Facelift

Over the past few months, the QMNC Leadership Group has been working to improve the QMNC Research Alliance Community website. A small and highly engaged sub-group of members have helped us to guide our path to engage membership and increase dialog within the community.

During our listening campaigns one thing that was clear was we needed a more robust community website. And we are happy to announce to that we have changed our platform and made many improvements.

First and foremost, we have improved Group functionality (it just works better):

  • all groups are available to all registered members
  • all members can create main discussion topics
  • all group members can participate in the discussion
  • group members can upload files
    group notifications can be managed and received

Improved ability to communicate with others and receive notifications of group activity

  • ability for members and group managers to Direct Message other members or members of the entire group
  • members are notified about activity in group discussions, member connections etc. through profile or email
  • notification emails that are sent have actual content rather than just a link to the site
    ability to control email notification preferences based on a function or action taken.

In addition, members can now:

  • change their email address through their account
  • search members robust search tool on the member list page.
  • more easily interact with other members through connections and messages

We are still in the process of adding additional improvements, but felt it was important to provide the improvements to the community to encourage more activity within the groups.

We welcome your feedback.

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