Framework for Quality Maternal and Newborn Care

The Quality Maternal and Newborn Care (QMNC) Framework was developed using the evidence from the 2014 Lancet Series on Midwifery. It presents the scope of care to which all women and newborns should have access, and which improve outcomes.

Integrated Components of Care

All childbearing women and infants

All childbearing women and infants receive the following care to first prevent and then manage complications if they arise.

  • Education, Information and Health Promotion
  • Assessment, Screening, Care planning
  • Promotion of normal processes, prevention of complications

Women and infants w/complications

Only a small percentage require additional care if complications arise.

  • 1st line management of complications
  • Medical obstetric neonatal services

Organization of Care

  • Available, accessible, good-quality services – adequate resources, competent workforce
  • Continuity – services integrated across community and facilities


  • Respect communication, community knowledge and understanding
  • Care tailored to women’s circumstances and needs


  • Optimizing  biological, psychological, social, and cultural processes; strengthening women’s capabilities
  • Expectant management, using interventions only when needed

Care providers

  • Practitioners who combine clinical knowledge and skills with interpersonal and cultural competence
  • Division of roles and responsibilities based on need, competencies and resources