Privacy Policy

Quality Maternal & Newborn Care Research Alliance Personal Information Disclosure

Yale University is committed to maintaining the privacy of individuals participating in the QMNC Research Alliance (QMNC). This disclosure describes how QMNC manages and uses personal information to facilitate the research alliance. This disclosure is specific to QMNC and applies to information collected from individuals wanting to join the alliance.

Personal Information Collected

QMNC collects and uses various kinds of personal information, including the following: contact information, professional affiliation, and research interests as provide by you when registering to participate in the QMNC Alliance.

Use and sharing of Personal Information

The personal information collected by QMNC is collected for the primary purpose of providing you with opportunities to engage with other alliance participants through posting the information on the QMNC website. QMNC will not use your personal information for any commercial or philanthropic purpose unrelated to the QMNC research alliance.

Protection of Personal Information

QMNC is committed to the security and privacy of personal information. QMNC uses technologies and controls designed to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal information. QMNC is committed to taking reasonable and appropriate measures to safeguard the personal information QMNC collects, stores, and uses.

Individual Access and Control

You may have the right to view, amend, or request that QMNC delete personal information. You can make such a request by sending an email to You may also use this email to contact QMNC if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy.

This Personal Information Disclosure may be updated from time to time. This version is current as of September 2019.