QMNC Strategic Plan

This strategic plan for mid-2019 through 2021 (2.5 years) will guide the Quality Maternal and Newborn Care (QMNC) Research Alliance (“the Alliance”) as we pursue ambitious initiatives to implement three priority areas of research outlined below. This is the first strategic plan for the Alliance, organized in 2018, and it provides a roadmap to help us make strategic choices about research direction, mobilization of engagement, fundraising, and allocation of the Alliance’s limited human and financial resources. It will guide implementation of our action plans as we seek to collaborate in global research that promotes, generates, and translates knowledge, particularly of the integral role of midwifery, in order for women,  childbearing people, and families to survive, thrive, and transform.

With this plan, we are setting the stage for effective collaboration with researchers and other stakeholders (e.g., service users, policy makers, and scholar activists) to make a significant contribution to the provision of optimal quality maternal and newborn care globally.

QMNC Strategic Plan January 2020