Calabash Cafe – November 2023: Research Gaps and Implementation Barriers w/ Milk Film Screening

Event 1 Discussion w/ Brooke Bauer

Event 2 Discussion w/ Noemi Weis & Hirut Melaku

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Guest Speakers

Brooke Bauer

Affiliation: Global Nutrition Cluster
Bio: Brooke is currently completing her doctorate of public health at Tulane University focused on nutrition, emergency, and meaningful inclusion and leadership of people with diverse sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Noemi Weis

Role(s): Writer, Director and Producer
Bio: Noemi Weis is an award winning Writer, Director and Producer that has spent over 20-years telling stories on the big and small screens, from her worldwide advertising projects to her award winning documentaries.

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Hirut Melaku

Role(s): Birth Companion, PhD Student
Ocama Collective
Bio: Hirut Melaku is an emerging scholar and healthcare worker (lactation consultant, birth companion), concerned with racial inequity, sexual violence and LGBTQ2S+ issues.

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