Midwifery Knowledge-to Action @ Yale is a website that supports collaboration in research, education, and quality maternal and newborn care. It houses two groups, the Quality Maternal and Newborn Care (QMNC) Research Alliance and Midwifery at Yale, including an online Global Maternal & Newborn Care certificate program.

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We've Made Some Improvements

Over the past few months, the QMNC Leadership Group has been working to improve the QMNC Research Alliance Community website. A small and highly engaged sub-group of members have helped us to guide our path to engage membership and increase dialog within the community.

QMNC Research Alliance

We are an alliance of researchers, clinicians, advocates, and policymakers working together to foster and support research to improve quality maternal and newborn care.

Global QMNC Certificate

Explore our programs for clinicians, policymakers, and administrators  to assist them in providing the highest quality maternal and newborn care globally and to improve health outcomes.

Midwifery at Yale

Midwifery at Yale presents midwifery and clinician education resources at the Yale School of Nursing.  The Nurse Midwifery Specialty prepares students as competent midwives who provide family-centered primary health care.

Midwifery, n:

Skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate care for  the childbearing women or person, newborn infants and families across the continuum from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and the early weeks of life. Core characteristics include optimizing normal biological, psychological, social and cultural processes of reproduction and early life, timely prevention and management of complications, consultation with and referral to other services, respecting  individual circumstances and views, and working in partnership with individuals to strengthen their own capabilities to care for themselves and their families.